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Nieuwe eBox wordt geleverd met
grote mobiliteit en laadvermogen

De eBox is een uniek voertuig. De Scoobic e-box van ecologische last-mile levering met een ergonomisch design en geavanceerde technologie.
Anderzijds bieden het lichtgewicht ontwerp en de krachtige lithiumbatterij de gebruiker een unieke ervaring bij het gebruik van dit model. Het heeft een vriendelijke, betrouwbare, robuuste en veilige uitstraling.

Scoobic eBox



Operational Lease & Short Lease

6km/u 15km/u en 25km/u snelheid
Nul emissie
100/120 kg Belasting
116 km40-50 autonomie


New era
has begun

We create profitable last-mile vehicles for companies and sustainable for the planet.

For a zero-emissions future, free of noise, traffic and pollution

Exclusive features of VS1

Adaptable Box
Scoobic Light
Your delivery is unique
Add new shelves, take off the roof, modify the doors or request any other customisation that might work best for you. Contact us.
Scoobic Light
Temperature controlled

Cold box to keep refrigerated goods cool. Freezing ice box designed for frozen foods or pharmacy products. And a hot box to ensure your pizza arrives like it’s fresh out the oven.

Scoobic Light
Boost your brand

Get the Scoobic light screen printed with your brand image. Take advantage of the visibility of your fleet on the street and win new customers.

Add value to your business

+ 30% more deliveries

Per hour than when you use a normal van in the city.

Park faster

Park for free in blue zones, no more double parking.

Easy access

In pedestrian areas and in the city center.

Zero emissions

Cities free from smoke and noise

Safe deliveries

3 steun enwielen anti-tip systeem

Satisfied customers

Independent hydraulic turning system, keeps orders safe

100Km autonomie

Stay operative for a full day of deliveries on a single charge

250 kg belasting

Chassis en Achterbak versterkt voor zware leveringen

How does it work?

Manage your fleet on the go – and on any device of your choice, whether your drivers are parked or on the move, get their precise, mapped location using the app  Webfleet


Location tracking

Keep track of the GPS Location of your scoobic all the time



Add multiple scoobics to the app.Monitor your entire fleet as a glance.


get the details

Keep track of the exact position, driver, battery level, status, and details such as the license plate number.



Feel the peace of mind receiving smart notifications about battery level or parts needing service.

Opportunities and Scopes with eBox

Scoobic Light
Designed for E-commerce
The stable cargo box allows packages to be transported safely. With up to 420kg worth of cargo in only a 97cm-wide space, the Scoobic Light makes it unbeatable on Same Day or Next Day routes within the city.
Hotels And Restaurants
Scoobic Light
Designed for Hospitality

Get to bars, restaurants and hotels faster by parking right outside the door. We even created a special box for beer barrel deliveries.

Scoobic Light
Designed for Grocery

Loading up to 5 shopping orders in just a 97cm-wide space makes it unbeatable in same-day supermarket delivery services…. Guarantees cold chain logistics for temperature-controlled cargo.

Industrial Maintenance
Scoobic Light
Designed for industrial maintenance

Too much space in your van? Transport heavy work tools and perform quick maintenance services without wasting space.

City Services
Scoobic Light
Designed for Municipal Services

Performs maintenance and municipal services while respecting the comfort and quietness of the surrounding communities. It also keeps the air we breathe clean due to its 100% electric nature.

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We create profitable last-mile vehicles for companies and sustainable for the planet.

For a zero-emissions future, free of noise, traffic and pollution

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